Mayor's Message

October 26, 2020

Hello Vallejo,
I am thrilled to share some more great news with you this week about something exciting happening in Vallejo!
Even amid a pandemic, business is booming on Mare Island! Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the Mare Island Dry Dock and take a tour with MIDD's Executive Vice President, Christina Snyder. The Dry Dock is currently home to five ships, but before I get to the ships' details, let's discuss why this is amazing for Vallejo. MIDD is currently employing 198 employees, and of those 198, 118 are Vallejo residents! When local economies have dipped due to the pandemic, Vallejo shows signs of a resurgence to a more robust economy.
Now for the ships' details! The USS Emory S. Land came to the Dry Docks earlier this summer and will be at the MIDD through January 2021. The ship is being completely repainted and has some electrical and mechanical work to be done while visiting the island. The entire project is worth $45 Million.
In addition to the USS Emory S. Land, MIDD is also hosting an oiler vessel, a research ship, a Catamaran, and a Coast Guard Ice Breaker ship. While all the ships are visiting MIDD to have some electrical and mechanical work done, the Coast Guard Ice Breaker is having the entire engine replaced. To complete this engine replacement, crews have to cut through three of the ship's decks to access the engine and lift it out of the boat. This is no small job!
In the next six to eight months, two more ships are expected to arrive at the MIDD. As of today, MIDD has received 14 ships since COVID-19 began, and thankfully there is no end in sight to this type of work coming to Vallejo.
Lastly, I would be remiss not to mention that Factory OS on the island has also seen a steady incline in their production. This is all a great sign for Vallejo's future!
Until next week, Vallejo, Your Mayor, Bob Sampayan

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Mayor's Message - October 19, 2020

Dear Vallejoans,
Have you been on Highway 37 recently and noticed that something was different as you drive by the wetlands? If you have, you know where I am going with this week's message!
 Earlier this week, our team of homeless outreach and engagement professionals teamed up with Vallejo Together, Public Works staff and others to begin the clean-up of the homeless encampment on the wetlands off of Highway 37 at the Wilson and Sacramento exit. During the clean-up, several tons of refuse was collected and disposed of from the site. I am also pleased to report that the homeless residents living in the wetlands played a massive part in helping our team to clean-up this site.
Residents at the encampment were also notified that notices would be posted in early November, advising them when they need to vacate the property, so the wetlands' planned restoration can begin. Our Homeless Services CORE team will work closely with each resident to relocate them into transitional housing and make sure that they are connected with the services many of them desperately need. The move-out is planned to take place over the course of three days in November. Residents wishing to remain outdoors will be offered a safe place to camp, and the site is still to be determined.
In addition to the planned Navigation Center, the City is also planning to purchase a property to operate as transitional housing for our homeless residents. The City will use Project Home Key funds awarded by the state to acquire those properties, opening up approximately 104 rooms to house our homeless.
The County Consortium, along with Vallejo Together and City of Vallejo Staff, meet weekly, collaborating on a strategic plan to make our residents' move and shift into transitional housing as seamless as possible.
At next Tuesday's City Council Meeting, we will be discussing some of these items pertaining to the transitional housing and I invite you to listen in. You can find the City Council meeting information at
It will be a wonderful sight to have our wetlands restored to their natural beauty as well as see our residents move into housing where their needs can be met. It's a win-win for everyone!
Until next week, Vallejo, You Mayor, Bob Sampayan