Planning and Development Services

Economic Development
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You may submit applications and files to either Planning or Building by clicking on the appropriate button above.  A staff member will contact you to let you know what fees are required prior to application processing.

About the Department

The Planning and Development Services Department’s purpose is to create an environment that fosters sustainable investment while preserving the public’s welfare and the environment.

Vallejo Land Use Entitlements (VALUE) List

The VALUE list (Vallejo Land Use Entitlements) is a current development list for the City of Vallejo and is updated quarterly.  It is a snapshot of what projects are currently in review or have recently been approved.  Click here to view the list.

For more information about a specific project, please contact the Project Manager identified on the list.

Building Division

The Building Division is responsible for:
  • Reviewing building plans 
  • Issuing permits for and inspecting authorized work
  • Responding to complaints about potentially dangerous or nuisance buildings

Planning Division

The Planning Division has the primary function of implementing current and long-range planning, including the Vallejo General Plan. The Planning Division is also responsible for:
  • Implementing zoning ordinances
  • Reviewing the development of proposals
  • Processing application
  • Enforcing zoning ordinances
  • Providing public information
  • Conducting historic preservation