Vallejo General Plan

The City of Vallejo's General Plan is a description of how the City intends to develop. It establishes the goals and policies related to the Vallejo planning area. It is used as a point of reference by public officials when making decisions on subdivisions, capital improvements, neighborhood rehabilitation and public acquisition. The Plan serves primarily as a policy document, with each goal area within the Plan having several policies that aim toward achieving the goal.
The City of Vallejo is pleased to present its General Plan and related documents in these easy to use PDF formats:

Open Space-Resource Conservation Element
Land Use & Circulation Elements
Seismic Safety Element
2009 - 2014 Vallejo Housing Element
• 2015 - 2023 Housing Element Update - Adopted May 2015
• 2015 - 2023 Housing Element Update - Public Review Draft
General Plan
General Plan Amendments
General Plan Map
Economic Development Element
Noise Element